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Simac Tanning Tech 2019

Simac Tanning Tech, the international exhibition of machinery and technology for the footwear-leather-tanning industries, was held  in conjunction with Lineapelle from February 20 to 22, 2019 at Fiera Milano Rho. It is promoted and supported by ASSOMAC, the national association of Italian manufacturers of machinery for footwear, leather goods and tanneries, a leading industry worldwide.

Simac Tanning Tech is a not-to-be-missed global showcase for these manufacturing sectors and covers approximately 19,000 square meters net with 322 exhibitors   24 countries including the most important international players in the industry.

Simac and Lineapelle (spring edition) are the world’s most important trade fairs for leather and the entire supply industry of technology, materials, components and accessories for global fashion and luxury .

The two events enable footwear and leather goods manufacturers from around the world to see the most technologically and stylistically advanced solutions for all their production needs.

What’s new at Simac 2019

Simac Tanning Tech focuses heavily on offering innovative technologies with a focus on improving efficiency. Particularly in production processes, reducing environmental impact is an important issue in sustainable development.

Presented were innovative systems capable of meeting any production need according to  Eco-sustainability and energy-saving criteria. The goal is to offer high-performance, safe and environmentally friendly technologies  Within a framework of sustainability of production processes.

On this push ASSOMAC  initiated the “Supplier of SustainableTechnologies” project. The Green Plate is the first concrete, voluntary, third-party certified element to attest to thecarbon footprint (CFP) impact of machines produced by member companies.

In addition to the best traditional technologies, new types of machinery were also seen at Simac Tanning Tech; 

  • digital printing on leather
  • 3d printing
  • integration to Industry 4.0 for increasingly interconnected and “smart” machines.

Brustia-Alfameccanica at Simac 2019

One of the companies that stood out in this edition of Simac Tanning Tech is Brustia-Alfameccanica Srl. Founded in 1958 in Vigevano, it is  a leading company in the mechanical footwear industry specializing in the production of heel nailers and fasteners, garbasperoni and toe-formers. Production is for both the domestic market and for export worldwide. Wherever shoes are produced in different parts of the World, the brand Brustia-Alfameccanica is present and is synonymous with the guarantee of quality, versatility, reliability, durability, service, technical advice, Made in Italy.

Brustia-Alfameccanica continues to evolve its offerings by focusing decisively on innovation and the future. The concepts related to Industry 4.0 have now fully entered the enterprise, so much so that all machines offered to the market today are in line with the innovation requirements of the standard.  

The Vigevano-based company also pays special attention to automation, focusing in particular on technology RFID, increasingly used in customer factories. Thanks to this type of radio-frequency identification, the operator no longer has to waste time programming machines for the different types of footwear being processed; instead, each machine recognizes the model itself and sets the necessary settings accordingly. In addition, RFID also facilitates quality control and enables better traceability of production.

“An increasingly pressing need,” they point out in Brustia, “not only to achieve technological innovation as an end in itself, but because more and more shoe factories have to fulfill small quantity orders or increasingly fragmented and diversified production.

The last nodal point on which Brustia-Alfameccanica’s corporate philosophy focuses is the green/sustainability theme: “All our machines are equipped with GREEN TARGA,  therefore with certified consumption and made with special care for energy saving so that the environmental impact of our technologies is totally transparent.” 

MM70 X-ray scanner @ Simac 2019

One of the most relevant technological innovations at this edition of Simac Tanning Tech was the machinery MM700 and MM1600. They represent a NON-destructive inspection system based on X-ray scanners specifically for the footwear and leather goods industry. In more detail, I am able to assess:

  • The conformity of the product to the company’s quality standards
  • Detect foreign bodies, anomalies or defects in it

These control systems act both at the production stage and at the end of production when the product is finished.

MM700 and MM 1600 use both RFID and BARcode/QRcode technologies and, due to their characteristics, fall under the ministerial call of Industry 4.0; through a network interconnection with the administrative part, it can be transformed a state-of-the-art IoT device.

MM700 green license plate

Brustia-Alfameccanica is among the nationwide promoters along with ASSOMAC of the Green plate; which aims to identify and make understandable the energy performance and  environmental of the footwear machinery. This makes it possible to promote technological solutions of low environmental impact and high sustainability.