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Green Label for the mechano footwear industry

It is very important to attest to the consumption parameters of one’s machinery, such as a green Label for a company. This is because issues of environmental sustainability and energy compliance have now become a must.
Hence, in cooperation with Assomac( and Rina(, the Green Label was born. It is certification of emission and consumption values by the ALFA 684CF2HP machinery that will soon be extended to all footwear machinery produced by Brustia-Alfameccanica s.r.l.

What is the Green Label?

The green Label is a document intended to identify and make easily understandable the energy and environmental performance of footwear machinery. In particular, it refers to a process chosen by the manufacturer as a comparison parameter.
Italian manufacturers, in the absence of internationally recognized standards for classifying the energy and/or environmental performance of footwear machinery, are taking the lead together with Assomac in a tool designed to show some performance data of the machinery they produce. Indeed, the awareness of the technological excellence achieved, including in the field of sustainability, is a strength of the Italian mechano-footwear sector, which is at the forefront with technological solutions of low environmental impact and high sustainability.

One parameter chosen to put a value on the eco-efficiency of the machinery being labeled is the CFP. It indicates the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions produced during the operation of the machinery.