Packaging dimensions

120 x 120 x 205 (h) cm

Net weight

Kg 590

Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar


Electrical consumption

1000 W

Output pairs per hour


BMF 3500

Automatic heel seat beating machine.

The automatic heel seat beaterBMF 3500 s a machine with pneumatic system and self adjustment of the shoe positioning for the heel seat edge beating by HOT PLATE and BEATING HAMMER on any type of shoe or boot for any height of heel. Of note is the fact that, during the cycle, the shoe remains in a fixed position while the rebating hammer rotates around it.

Main features:

  • Hammering devices rotation on the shoe profile.
  • Adjustable plate temperature.
  • Heel seat plate rotation with swinging movement according to the shoe shape and to the toe centering.
  • Adjustable heel beating pressure.
  • Possibility of one or two beating cycles.
  • Hammering device speed rotation adjustable according to the quality requirement and material to be processed.
  • Very low noise level thanks to soundproof material cabin.
  • Safety devices according to the CE standards.