The latest trends in fashion involve heels that are increasingly extreme in their shape and height. As a result, insoles and heels require the use of materials that are more compact, rigid, and with greater resistance than ever before.

These new materials need the process of heel nailing to be state-of-the-art and accordingly, Brustia’s 60 years of experience in heel nailing/attaching machines, has led it to create a machine with a hydraulic nailing system that allows high speed and greater power for harder material, but at the same time accurate precision in fitting nails in the insoles/heels.
The result of all this is the new PTO (sequential nailing) and the PTO NA (non-sequential direct nailing) machines, which are equipped with a hydraulic central device and with hydraulic nailing system. The 4000 series is also equipped with a latest electronic technology by TOUCH SCREEN , which is more reliable and versatile than ever before, with a fully programmable nailing sequence, machine cycles selected by the operator and autodiagnostic of the different functions. . Looking at INDUSTRIA 4.0, the machine can be controlled remotely and can exchange data with other machines or with other functions in the factory.

Dear customers, friends and collaborators, thanking you for the visit to the Brustia-Alfameccanica stand during Simac 2018 we publish some photos received from Assomac ( and we take the opportunity to invite you to the next edition of the Italian reference fair for the excellence of  footwear machinery, that is  the Simac 2019, which will take place on 19-21 February 2019 (

For a company increasingly focused on environmental sustainability and energy compliance it is very important to certify the consumption parameters of its machinery, like the green label. From here comes, in collaboration with Assomac ( and Rina (, the Targa Verde, a certification of emission and consumption values ​​for the ALFA 684CF2HP machinery that will soon be extended to all the shoes machinery produced by Brustia-Alfameccanica Co..

What is the green label?

The green label is a document that aims to identify and make easily understandable the energy and environmental performance of the footwear machinery, with reference to a process chosen by the manufacturer as a comparison parameter.  

The Italian manufacturers, in the absence of internationally recognized standards for the classification of energy and / or environmental performance of footwear machinery,  are promoters together with Assomac of an  instrument that aims to show some performance data of the produced machines.

 The awareness of the achieved technological excellence, also in terms of sustainability, is in fact a strong element of the Italian footwear technology

industry, in the forefront with technological solutions of low environmental impact and high.

BRUSTIA Green label