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Hydraulic Nailing PTO 4000 & PTO 4000NA

The increasingly demanding demands of the shoe fashion industry, with heels exaggerated in shape and height, require ever-higher nail/screw penetration capacities, related to the precision and modulability of the nailing system, due to insoles and heels made of more compact, rigid and strong materials than in the past.

The experience of 60 years in machines in the heel nailing and heel fixing sector led Brustia Alfameccanica s.r.l. to a machine with an oleodynamic nailing system that allows great speed and especially great power for the most rigid materials but at the same time extreme precision in the heel nailing process. Hence the birth of the new PTO heel nailing (sequential) and NA PTO( direct nailing) with hydraulic power unit. The 4000 series also features new electronics with the latest TOUCH SCREEN technology that is more reliable and versatile than before with fully programmable nailing sequence, operator-selectable machine cycles and self-diagnostics of various functions. In the context of INDUSTRY 4.0 and HYPERAMENTRY, the machine is remotely controllable and can exchange data with other machines or business functions.