X-Ray Quality Control Scanner

MM 700

The new series of X-ray inspection equipment for the footwear industry.

Increasingly stringent demands from quality control in the footwear industry are increasingly catalyzing companies’ interest in accurate nondestructive analysis aimed at detecting metal objects such as nails or staples, etc., that impair quality.

The X-ray technology, already widespread in other areas such as food, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc., is able to cover a wide range of applications, enabling the detection of foreign objects for the  verification of completeness of the product.
“NONAME Hi-Tech” has created a new product line with innovative design, state-of-the-art mechanics, high-performance and intuitive software, obvious robustness and extreme ease of use.

The latest technologies used enable  the machines in the new MM 700 delivers outstanding results with respect to both the detection of foreign  bodies and the check of conformity of the inspected products.

The modular hardware and the wide range of features and customization software  enable the machines of the new series MM 700 to adapt to the needs of any type of customer. The management of post-sale machines series MM 700 is performed through an extensive international organization of service and provides the opportunity for customers to get in touch with the technicians “NONAME Hi-Tech” via a remote assistance service accessible directly from the machine’s software.

MM 500

MM 500 is a X ray scanner which allows to identify foreign objects and eventual defects inside the product under control either boxed or without box .

MM 500 is a NON DESTRUCTIVE inspections system which visually checks the product conformity to the company quality standards and reports eventual anomalies or defects.
MM 500 is the inspection system which can be placed either on the production line or in the finished product receipt center/logistic.

MM 500 visually detects and reports any needle broken during upper-sole stitching (min. diam 0,8 mm), with a ZOOM function (only for plus version) to enlarge the particular defective point.
MM500 makes an inspection every 10/12 seconds.

The machinery is equipped with various connectivities WiFi, 5G (only in plus version), USB key (for entry version).
It is possible remote connection from any device type (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) supporting TeamViewer app or other similar app in MM 500 plus version.

Suitable for inspecting objects of various kinds including footwear, leather goods, light alloy metals, food etc.

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