Alfa 187 CF2HP – 287 CF2HP

**New TOP 7 Display Touch Screen**

Backpart moulding machine to work bag uppers tubolar or mocassino.

Main data:
– Two cold stations with polling pincers and flanging wipers.
– Two hot reactivating stations with polling pincers.
– Pressure regulation for both hot and cold moulding cylinders.
– Regulating flanging wipers for different thickness of counters and uppers.
– Special pulling pincers with movable push rod for better upper grip.
– Very high mould support to insert the bootleg.
– LCD back light Display to insert hot and cold mould and cushion temperature values and cycle parameters.

Features and technical specifications
Dimensions 185 x 90 x 200 (h) cm
Net weigh 550 Kg
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 87
Electrical consumption 2700 W
Daily output pairs 1100