BRUOZYGIL is a pass-through sanitization system, a quick and effective solution for the elimination of viruses and bacteria from objects.

• Destroys up to 99.99% of virus and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2*
• Complete pass in less than 30 seconds
• Two way operation
• Does not damage fabrics, food, electronics etc…
• Combined technologies for maximum performamces
• Tunnel opening 60x40cm
• Machine dimensions 180x100x150h cms net kg.300
• Max object size to be sanitized 60x40x45 cms
• Suggested size for sanitizing overlapping objects
• (eg surgical masks) 60x15x45 cms
• Stand-alone or integrated into existing system(eg airport checkpoint)

*Data tested and certified by the microbiological–virological laboratory San Raffaele (MI) – Italy

Made in Italy product in partnership with Gilardoni Spa.

CE certified machinery.

Oz-B, with its dual technology of ozone and UV-C light (253.7nm), is a broad-spectrum germicide, indispensable for collective health in shared environments.

Oz-B can be used in 3 ways:

• O3 mode: fast and deep sterilization of the environments, with digital timing for the maximum safety both during and after treatment, with timer safe-entrance-after-procedure.

• UV mode: continuous sanitization of the air even in the presence of people, using UV-C light.

• CYCLE O3 + UV mode: repeated cycles of O3 ozone sterilization assisted by UV-C sanitization, for intense action, in the absence of people, recommended at night or on the weekend, with a safe-entranceafter-procedure timer.

Oz-B is equipped with an automatic safe-entrance-after-procedure timing function, which displays the time elapsed since the end of the air ozonation cycle via timer. It is strongly recommended not to enter the room until the ozone decay cycle indicated by this timer is completed.


Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O3) and is present in nature in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is the most powerful natural oxidizer that can be used, able to effectively eliminate odors and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, fungi, mites. Its action is fast and ecological as it does not generate by-products and does not release chemical residues into the environment: once its oxidizing action is over, it simply reconverts into oxygen (O₂). It is a highly unstable gas and for this reason it must be produced on site through specific generators called ozonizers.
The most common ozone production method is the one based on the corona effect: a high voltage electric discharge breaks the stable oxygen molecule, producing two oxygen atoms; these can then bind to other oxygen molecules to form ozone. The produced ozone molecules oxidize the cell wall of the organic substances they encounter, thus leading to cell lysis (destruction of the cell membrane).


The Italian Ministry of Health with protocol of July 31, 1996 No. 24482, recognized the use of ozone in the treatment of air and water, as a natural aid for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and mites.
The applications of ozonation of environments must take place without the presence of people, animals or incompatible materials. The gas is in fact irritating by inhalation and reactive and flammable. After ozonating the environment, wait the decay time at tolerable concentrations. Air sanitization by UV-C ultraviolet radiation is not harmful to people or animals.


O3 + UV-C technology (253.7nm)
Ozone production 10 g / h with ambient air (20 ° C – 50% RH)
Air flow / UV-C 70 m3 / h
Ozone timer from 1 to 25 minutes
30-minute continuous UV-C timer
Power supply 220 Vac 50/60 Hz, 100 W.
Dimensions 21 x 23 x 37 cm
Made in Italy
CE certified in accordance with EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55014-1, EN55014-2, EN60335-1
Package dimensions 30 x 30 x 45 cm – Weight 5,9 kg


for rooms with a height of 2.70 – 3 meters
20 m2: 3 minutes
40 m2: 6 minutes
60 m2: 9 minutes
80 m2: 12 minutes
120 m2: 18 minutes
160 m2: 24 minutes

** The data shown is indicative, since the concentration of ozone in the air depends on factors such as temperature, humidity, the presence of polluting agents and furnishings. Empty environments, with poor furnishings or without fabrics, generally require a shorter treatment time.

Totem scan is an automatic remote body temperature detection system.

The system detects the body temperature of the individuals in its range of action and by an audio and light signaling it communicates the detected temperature together with the possibility or not of access.

PRECISION: The measurement is detected at stationary, almost immobile subjects and this allows a correct and more precise measurement than that with people in motion.

ACCURACY: 50 measurements are made in less than 1 second, discarding totally unreliable measurements, allowing extreme reading accuracy.

RELIABILITY: The frontal temperature readings are equivalent to the oral temperature readings, reliable and corresponding to the body temperature.

SAFETY: The detection is performed without the presence of an operator, therefore with total safety.

DISTANCE: The body temperature is controlled for each individual subject, blocking access to people with temperatures above the limit and avoiding contact with other subjects present within the structure, ensuring social distancing.

IDENTIFICATION: Easy and safe detection of people with high temperatures.

DATA REGISTRATION: Possibility of accessing the history as evidence of company safety.


For further information and offers:

Visor for facial protection from liquids / drops / sprays, it covers not only eyes but the entire face including sides.

Ideal for people in contact with the public, for a total screening of the face from drops and sprays, including the sides, much more effective than the simple surgical mask. Perfect for healthcare professionals and personnel in charge of performing swabs and diagnostic tests.

Visor support made by 3D PLA print (biodegradable similar plastic material).

Visor thickness 0,5 mm in Lexan ™ polycarbonate that guarantees the following properties: high impact resistance, intrinsic “crystalline” transparency, dimensional stability at high temperatures, lightness, in compliance with food use and flame retardant.

Closure through anallergic elastic with buckle in various colors (black/red/white) to best head circumference adjustment.

Possible use more than once after checking device integrity. The assembly is completely removable and the three components that form the product are easily replaceable.

Product entirely Made in Italy.

Possible use more than once after checking the integrity of the device.

For further information and offers:


The only ones able to find a needle in a haystack.

The specific scanners for clothing/furs industry

MM700/MM1600V are X-ray scanners, specifically studied for clothing/furs industry, that allow to detect foreign objects or defects in the product under examination.

MM700/MM1600V are automatic non-destructive inspection systems that automatically check product compliance to the company’s quality standards and report any defects or abnormalities.

MM700/MM1600V are control systems that work either integrated in the production line or at the end of the same as well as in the centers where the finished products are received.

MM700/MM1600V deliver countless benefits automatically, signaling the defective product with an audible or bright alert

Detect and report automatically:

• Any fragments of broken needles during seam (min. diam.0.8/0.4/0.2 mm) with a ZOOM function for punctual inspection

• Any forgotten staples or fixing pins (min. diam.0.8/0.4/0.2 mm) with a zoom function for punctual inspection

• the lack of one or more components within the product to be inspected (eg number of eyelets / buttons / hooks);


• the authenticity of the product and the batch of production (by a microscopic signal of
• compliance with production specifications (eg double stitching, dim.of stitching margins/ edges dim. etc.) according to the requirements using the “ruler” function

MM700/MM1600V can also:
• be equipped with a barcode reader for the automatic (optional) identification of the product to be controlled with recall of related checking program and uniquely  traceability of the saved image;
• Store images of all production and create statistics on daily and regular defective product percentages


• Do not contain radioactive material, X-rays are produced with a generator powered by electric current;
• have a  software interface with intuitive icons and symbols on a large monitor that makes  programming easy and fast  even for an inexperienced operator;
• at the time of installation, a training course is provided for the staff responsible for its use

Require minimal maintenance;

• are ready for online support and can be programmed, assisted, and so on. from our factory in Vigevano via Internet;
• are predisposed to interfacing and exchanging data with other machines or other factory phases/sectors
• Allow customization of other functions on a specific customer request

The Plus:

  • Station consisting of all in one PC of the latest generation with touch screens, 23 “or higher monitor for complete viewing of the image, keyboard and wireless mouse for easy and immediate management;
  • exceptional image quality at very high speeds;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • HDI: The new “NONAME Hi-Tech” software for detecting potentially hazardous bodies such as nails, staples, etc., guarantees the highest level of performance;
  • EASY GUI: The new icon and symbol operator interface allows also for untrained personnel to set up the inspection of a new product in very short time.


Technical features

  • Working environment: 5ºC to 35ºC, RH 0-90% (no condensation)
  • Protection level: IP 44
  • X-ray source: 90 kV, 200 W – High resolution
  • Processor: All-in-one PC 23 “PC, latest generation Core
  • Pre-processing and control unit: “NONAME Hi-Tech” HDI acquisition system
  • Monitor: 23 “, 16: 9, Full HD 1920×1080, LED backlight with touch screen
  • Keyboard and mouse: Wireless
  • Interface: USB / Ethernet
  • OPT: Bar Code Reader
Specific features   MM700  MM1600V 
Total time control cycle sec. 3-4  15
Inspectable dimensions cm 115 x 115 x 210 (h) cm  160x80x40
View of inspection Single  Double(inclined xx °)
Resolution mm 0,4 (0,2 on rich.)  0,8 (0,4 on rich.)
Monitor Single 23″  Dual 23″ + 40 “
Dimensions cm 240x75x155h 200x160x220h
Weight kg. 600 1900

MM700/MM1600 have the features of INDUSTRIA 4.0


Pneumatic automatic electronic heel seat tacks lasting machine.

The project and the realization of the CP 986 exploit the experience of many years of work and it is considered as the logical result ot the manufacture of our shoe making machines. Built on the most advanced technological bases, both for output, seach and selection of materials, it is considered as the suitable machine for every shoe-industry, big, normal and small. The extern heel band innovation allows a carefull setting of the upper before the work cycle. It can work automatically or make each operation separately. Thanks to the special characteristics of the lasting wipers, this model is very versatile and it may be used for men’s, children’s and ladies’ shoes, included high heels shoes. By an electronic stylus the m/c measures the last height and automatically adjust itself. The nails are driven at an angle. The feeder allows to use up to 22 nails from 7 to 13 mms of legthand offers the possibility to exclude two of them at time in progressive reduction. Thanks to all its adjustment’s possibilities, it may solve all the problems that can be found during the different working. By using the very latest in electronics, the machine is much more efficient, faster and easier to mantain.

Available versions
CP 986/MS:
Standard model with mechanical foot.
CP 986: Standard model with automatic stylus.
CP 986/X: Model with automatic stylus and extractable heel band.

Features ang technical specifications
Dimensions 87 x 130 x 210 (h) cm
Net weight 720 Kg
Heating Transformer 350 W
Services transformer 350 W
Electrical installation 24 V
Electrical 12 V
Daily output pairs 1200 – 1600

C 973

Expressly planned to work with neoprene, Series 973 machines are built with the judgements and our accrued technological, mechanical and pneumatic experience.

Pneumatically controlled and checked with electrical servo-controls at 24V., this series may be used automatically and manually letting the most control and adjustment of each operation for every explicit requirement of the customers.

The particular characteristics of wipers and the regulation of pressing-time allow the use of the machines for each kind of shoes and boots.

The adjustment, the facility of control and the operative capacity, together with daily output, make this series suggestable for the small, medium and big shoe-industry.

Available models and optionals
Neoprene heel seat lasting machine.
C973/T: Thermoplastic heel seat lasting machine.
CF973/E: Neoprene heel seat and side lasting machine.
CF973/T: Thermoplastic heel seat and side lasting machine.
OPT for CF973: Side pincers group. / Automatic side movement.

Features ang technical specifications
Dimensions 89 x 140 x 170 (h) cm
Net weight 620 Kg
Air tank capacity 6 l
Air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 40
Electrical supply 230/380 V – 50 Hz – 3ph*
Controls 0,35 kW
Heating 1 kW
Daily output pairs 1500

*or voltage at request

RIB 15N/14N

Bottom beating machine for lady/man.

RIB – 15/14 is particularly suitable to beat the bottom of the men/ladies shoes and its roll is perfectly dimensioned and shaped to match the last in the best way.

The machine has a central roll with a shoe support and is equipped with 2 lateral ironing device and 1 central one.

The CE marked machines are low noise and have autostopping motor.

Features ang technical specifications
Dimensions 80 x 60 x 130 (h) cm
Net weight 145 Kg
Motor 1,5 HP

BMF 3500

**New TOP 7 Display Touch Screen**

Automatic heel seat beating machine.

The automatic heel seat beater BMF 3500 is a machine with pneumatic system and self adjustment of the shoe positioning for the heel seat edge beating by HOT PLATEand HAMMERING DEVICE on any type of shoe or boot for any height of heel.

Main features:
– Hammering devices rotation on the shoe profile.
– Adjustable plate temperature.
– Heel seat plate rotation with swinging movement according to the shoe shape and to the toe centering.
– Adjustable heel beating pressure.
– Possibility of one or two beating cycles.
– Hammering device speed rotation adjustable according to the quality requirement and material to be processed.
– Very low noise level thanks to soundproof material cabin.
– Safety devices according to the CE standards.

Features ang technical specifications
Dimensions with packing 120 x 120 x 205 (h) cm
Net weight   Kg 590
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 10
Electrical consumption   1000 W
Output pairs 300 per hour

C 973SS

**New TOP 7 Display Touch Screen**

Main features:
– Men’s-Women’s-Children’s.
– Up to 1500 pairs in 8 hours.
– No wiring – No stapling.
– Better heel feather lines.
– Easier inseaming.
– High uniformity.

Features ang technical specifications
Dimensions 105 x 140 x 195 (h) cm
Net weight 620 Kg
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 32
Electrical consumption 7000 W
Daily output pairs > 1500