Visor for facial protection from liquids / drops / sprays, it covers not only eyes but the entire face including sides.

Ideal for people in contact with the public, for a total screening of the face from drops and sprays, including the sides, much more effective than the simple surgical mask. Perfect for healthcare professionals and personnel in charge of performing swabs and diagnostic tests.

Visor support made by 3D PLA print (biodegradable similar plastic material).

Visor thickness 0,5 mm in Lexan ™ polycarbonate that guarantees the following properties: high impact resistance, intrinsic “crystalline” transparency, dimensional stability at high temperatures, lightness, in compliance with food use and flame retardant.

Closure through anallergic elastic with buckle in various colors (black/red/white) to best head circumference adjustment.

Possible use more than once after checking device integrity. The assembly is completely removable and the three components that form the product are easily replaceable.

Product entirely Made in Italy.

Possible use more than once after checking the integrity of the device.

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