Totem scan is an automatic remote body temperature detection system.

The system detects the body temperature of the individuals in its range of action and by an audio and light signaling it communicates the detected temperature together with the possibility or not of access.

PRECISION: The measurement is detected at stationary, almost immobile subjects and this allows a correct and more precise measurement than that with people in motion.

ACCURACY: 50 measurements are made in less than 1 second, discarding totally unreliable measurements, allowing extreme reading accuracy.

RELIABILITY: The frontal temperature readings are equivalent to the oral temperature readings, reliable and corresponding to the body temperature.

SAFETY: The detection is performed without the presence of an operator, therefore with total safety.

DISTANCE: The body temperature is controlled for each individual subject, blocking access to people with temperatures above the limit and avoiding contact with other subjects present within the structure, ensuring social distancing.

IDENTIFICATION: Easy and safe detection of people with high temperatures.

DATA REGISTRATION: Possibility of accessing the history as evidence of company safety.


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