PTO 4000/NA

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The new fashion of extreme shape and height heeels requires the use (for insoles and heels) of materials much more compact, rigid and stiff than ever before.
These new materials make necessary that even the process of nailing heel needs an upgrade aimed at features of greater speed, power and precision of fit nails in the insole/heel.

Our experience of over 55 years in nailing machines has led us to a machine with a Hydraulic nailing system that allows great speed, great power bat at the same time big accuracy in the process of nailing heel.

Here is the new born heel nailer PTO 4000 NA (non sequential nailing direct) equiped with hydraulic central device and with hydraulic nailing system.

The 4000 series is also equipped with a new electronic board with microprocessor of latest technology more reliable and versatile than ever before with nailing sequence fully programmable and machine cycles selected by the operator; it is also present an automatic troubleshooting when machine is switched on.

Main feautures:
– Loader 14 naisl + 2 screws or 16 nails divided in 6 selections.
– Boot working by movable nailing column.
– Nailing regulation device to adjust penetration of nails into insoles and drivers according to the different lenghts of nails.
– Device for quick change of nailing form and pneumatic hold down for any type of heels.
– Automatic nail blocs release in case of nails jam (either on nailing form or under nails slide bloc).
– Working position East-West or North-South upon request.
– Hydropneumatic hold down cylinder with holding up to 3000 Kg.
– Fully hydraulic nailing device with 7+1 cylinders in sequential nailing or in one big nailing cylinder for direct drive.

Features ang technical specifications
Dimensions 115 x 115 x 210 (h) cm
Net weight 630
Oil tank 100 l
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 1,4
Electrical consumption 120 W
Daily output pairs 1600