The innovative X-ray technology has greatly improved the performance of a robust mechanical machine that boasts a renewed design. The Brustia Alfameccanica srl, which since 1957 produces footwear machinery, has devised a new scanner, the MM 700 model. Compared to the previous version AB 160, the new scanner has a number of advantages that further enhance product quality final.

X-ray technology, already widespread in other areas such as the food or pharmaceutical industry, has also been applied to the footwear world by allowing a variety of applications from detecting foreign bodies to verify product completeness. The new scanner is characterized by greater inspection speed, a control every two seconds, allowing a larger dimension of the workpiece to be examined, for example for over-knee boots, MM 700 has a higher resolution, it is capable of to detect a defect starting with 0.2 mm in diameter.

Hardware is of the latest generation, it has a wide range of customizable features; the X-ray source is of the highest quality (the reduced focal spot, along with the radiogenic oil cooling system, allows you to maintain higher performance for a long time). Modular software can be implemented according to the customer’s specific needs.

The new filtering technology allows you to have contrasted, noise-free images, further enhancing machine performance. The user interface is also very intuitive and easy to understand, thanks to the immediate icons and the availability of a touch screen that also allows untrained personnel to set up a new product inspection in the shortest time.

After-sales management on the MM 700 Series machines is also entrusted to a widespread international service organization and provides the possibility for customers to get in touch with specialized NONAME Hi-Tech technicians through a remote service, comfortably accessible thanks to the software interface of the machine. It is precisely the latest generation technology that allows the MM 700 machine to achieve exceptional results with regard to both detecting foreign bodies and checking the conformity of the inspected products. In the shoe industry, quality control requirements have become stringent, thus catalyzing the company’s growing interest in accurate non-destructive analysis aimed at detecting metallic objects, such as nails or paper clips, which inevitably affect the quality.