C 973

Expressly planned to work with neoprene, Series 973 machines are built with the judgements and our accrued technological, mechanical and pneumatic experience.

Pneumatically controlled and checked with electrical servo-controls at 24V., this series may be used automatically and manually letting the most control and adjustment of each operation for every explicit requirement of the customers.

The particular characteristics of wipers and the regulation of pressing-time allow the use of the machines for each kind of shoes and boots.

The adjustment, the facility of control and the operative capacity, together with daily output, make this series suggestable for the small, medium and big shoe-industry.

Available models and optionals
Neoprene heel seat lasting machine.
C973/T: Thermoplastic heel seat lasting machine.
CF973/E: Neoprene heel seat and side lasting machine.
CF973/T: Thermoplastic heel seat and side lasting machine.
OPT for CF973: Side pincers group. / Automatic side movement.

Features ang technical specifications
Dimensions 89 x 140 x 170 (h) cm
Net weight 620 Kg
Air tank capacity 6 l
Air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 40
Electrical supply 230/380 V – 50 Hz – 3ph*
Controls 0,35 kW
Heating 1 kW
Daily output pairs 1500

*or voltage at request