Alfa 91/4

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Shoe quarter performing machine.

The aim of this machine is to reform the quarter while finishing the shoe.

This operation is made first reactivating the quarter by aluminum hot mould, then stabilizing it by a special aluminum mcold mould.

A special silicon rubber cushion press, by means of a pneumatic cylinder, the edge of the quarter taking off some imperfections.

The particular vertical position of aluminum moulds makes easier the shoe insertion.

Available models
ALFA 91/2: 1 hot mould and 1 cooled mould.
ALFA 91/4: 2 hot moulds and 2 cooled moulds.

Features and technical specifications
Dimensions 100 x 65 x 170 (h) cm
Net weight 280 Kg
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 6
Electrical power 1000 W
Daily output pairs 1800