Alfa 684 CF2HP/GY

**New TOP 7 Display Touch Screen**

The upgrade of the ALFA 684 Hot/Cold counter moulding machine for thermoplastic and thermomboard counter has been developped considering the most recent request of our customers that is the handy use and containment of work space.
The new series ALFA 684 Hot/Cold has small dimensions with a new frame design with more linear and rational surface and a new powerful Hardware-Software that gives the operator the possibility to control all machine fuctions by a single terminal. Infact the operator can introduce any kind of set values of machine cycle, hot and cold mould temperatures and also receive warnings in case of malfunctions.

Main features:
– Complete adjustment for outer and inner moulds, flanging wipers and pincers gives the possibility to work from baby size to men size included snow board boots.
– Optical projector or pneumatic positioning upper device for models with wipers.
– The operating cycle is marked by the column moving up to the rubber cushion that closing makes wiper movement

Available models and optionals
ALFA 684C2HP/GY: Two stations equipped with chilled moulds plus two pre-heated stations with upper pulling grippers.
ALFA 684CF2HP/GY: Two stations equipped with chilled moulds and plates for folding over seat edges plus two pre-heated stations with upper pulling grippers.
OPT/PR: Adjustable width of pincers.
OPT/FT: Safety photoelectric barrier system.
OPT/HP: Indipendent pre-heated station with upper pulling gruppers.

Features and technical specifications
Dimensions 156 x 85 x 200 (h) cm
Net weight 571 Kg
Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 87
Electrical power 2700 W
Daily output pairs 1100