Alfa 684


**New TOP 7 Display Touch Screen**

Two hot stations with easy regulation of cushion-tray.

Our most spread and known hot counter moulding machine for leather board has been changed not only in the frame design, with more linear and rational surfaces, but especially having a more powerful Hardware-Software that gives the operator the possibility to control all machine functions with a single terminal. By it the operator can introduce any kind of set values of the machine cycle, mould temperatures and receive warninsgs in case of malfuctions.

The heated outer rubber mould has always been the peculiarity of Alfa 684. It is made by hand following the shape of alluminum inner mould. It is closed into two trays inflated by adjustable air pressure; it allows to work different type of uppers without changing.

Other main data:
– Leaning aluminum mould tpward the operator making easier vamp loadin.
– Moving mould column.
– Floating draw pincers which give a perfect shaping for high or boot lady’s upper.

Avalaible models and optional
OPT/M: Moulds, cushions and pincers positioned for Mocassino working.
OPT/FO: Aluminum mould with movable heel to remove upper creases.
OPT/PR: Adjustable width of pulling pincers.
OPT/P: Pragrammable pulling pincers.
OPT/RA: Indipendent heated system for aluminum moulds.
OPT/FT: Safety photoelectric barrier system.

Features and technical specification
Dimensions 96 x 86 x 176 (h) cm
Net weight 380 Kg
Compressed air consumption l/cy at 6 bar 58
Electrical power 1000 W
Daily output pairs 1500